CWC Foundation


The Colorado Women’s Chamber Foundation is the 501(c)3 organization and part of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. The organization’s goal is to create meaningful and sustainable change in our culture through the development and growth of women leaders and women-owned businesses in all fields of industry in Colorado. We seek to inspire more leaders and individuals to learn what they don’t know and take the action that’s needed.

We seek to be a change-agent organization that sets the pace, raises the bar and collaborates with all parties to get the work done. We don’t seek to tell the community what’s wrong, we already know that. We want to provide guidance on how to fix the problem with a new pathway to enduring change.

The CWC Foundation believes the world would be a better place if:

  • Workplaces knew what to do for women to flourish at work.
  • We measured organizations by how much they value women.
  • Professionals were united in vision of equal opportunity for all genders.
  • Gender equality was a goal for all workplaces, not a box to check.
  • All workplaces could unleash the potential of women.
  • Women had no limiting beliefs.

We do this by implementing the following:

  • Building Vital Skills. Workshops, events and trainings that are targeted efforts related to helping women and men build specific skills such as advocacy, negotiation, and confidence.
  • Growing and Nurturing Leaders. These are the mentoring and networking opportunities provided that are customized and provided through the organization.
  • Creating a Sustainable Cycle. Conversations, research and innovation think-tanks that reflect the cutting edge of what it’s going to take to create lasting and meaningful change for women in business.

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