January is National Mentoring Month

Think about a mentor in your life and what kind of impact they have had on you. You could become that positive influence in a young person’s life right here in your community.

January is National Mentoring Month and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado (BBBSC) is inviting you to support a brave path to a big future for Colorado youth!

Big sister and little sister enjoy the outdoors in Colorado together.

“I encourage people of all ages, life situations, backgrounds and ethnicities to always be a mentor and have a mentor.” – Elycia Cook, CEO of BBBBSC

Mentoring programs are critical in helping provide the wraparound support needed. There has been a declared national state of emergency in child and adolescent mental health. The pandemic has disproportionately impacted mentee families and heightened their economic stress and social isolation, increasing the burden of trauma on the young people BBBSC serves. Becoming a mentor “Big” is a way to give back to your community, by providing support and ensuring a child’s wellbeing during this critical time. Big Brothers are especially in demand right now.

Bigs serve as mentors and role models, helping a young person gain greater self-confidence and personal connections. It’s not only a positive experience for the mentees, but for everyone involved. “We have formed a genuine friendship and always have so much fun together, no matter what we are doing,” Krystin, a Big in the Community-based program, shared about her Little. “My relationship with Essence has made life much richer.” Professional BBBSC staff carefully build and support each match, and ensure it meets the strictest standards. BBBSC provides several types of mentoring programs:

  • Community-based Program– In this traditional mentoring program, mentees gain a sense of safety and emotional support, build social and goal setting skills, and improve self-confidence, academic achievement, and future aspirations.


  • Sports Buddies Program– Is an innovative mentoring program started by BBBSC in 2000. Originally designed to engage more males, the program is now open to all genders. Mentee/mentor matches meet one to two times per month for sports-based activities that are planned, scheduled, and overseen by BBBSC staff.


  • Mentor 2.0 program– Matches in mentor2.0 focus on post-secondary preparation and mentees develop key skills, such as critical thinking, self-advocacy, social capital, and perseverance.


If you are interested in learning more about BBBSC’s programs and how you can help shape a child’s future for the better by empowering them to fulfill their potential. Learn more HERE. Unable to become a mentor at this moment but still interested in supporting BBBSC? Support by donating to BBBSC, attend one of the upcoming events, or become a corporate sponsor.

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