Member Profile: Prosono

Prosono is a business strategy and social impact firm that believes strongly in supporting the CWCC mission to provide opportunities and visibility to women in business.

Headquartered in Denver, serving clients nationwide, Prosono’s experienced teams use organizational agility methods to collaborate with purpose-inspired clients, who are looking to accelerate rapid growth or change. Delivering strategy, implementation and measurable outcomes, their work drives positive impact for businesses and the community.

“When we started Prosono in 2016, it was an easy decision to join the Colorado Women’s Chamber,” said Cece Caughlin, a consultant at Prosono. “We are pleased with the high-quality programs, great events, and ways to involve a number of our team members. The [CWCC] is also very collaborative – continually finding ways to convene more people and organizations in a way that helps all ships rise.”

Prosono is majority female and is invested in the advancement of women, both internally and externally. Our female workforce inspires Prosono by taking on the world’s challenges and leading the way to a brighter future through client work and philanthropic and volunteer efforts. Prosono clients include amazing female leaders in the non-profit, education, and government space that inspire with the incredible work they do. Prosono female teammates, clients, and community inspire the organization to break down barriers and promote equity so that others won’t have to.

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