Vectra Bank: employing and empowering women

The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s 3rd Annual State of Women in Business Luncheon on September 25th is just around the corner! Learn more about the dedicated sponsors who invest in data evaluation and deep discussions on advancing women in business.  

Our Advocate for Change Sponsor, Vectra Bank represents an entire state of dedicated and professional leaders.

Did you know?

Women play a critical role in the day-to-day management and success of Vectra Bank; 67% of the employees; 62% of the Executive Committee (5 of 8); and four Advisory Board members are women at Vectra Bank!

  • Why do you sponsor the CWCC State of Women in Business Luncheon?
    As Vectra looks to expand efforts beyond traditional banking, supporting our community is at the core of who we are. Partnering to support initiatives that encourage the professional development of all our employees – especially women – has helped Vectra to achieve record setting growth over the last three years. Vectra Bank is proud to support the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, our alignment with this organization not only allows us to support growth in our economy, but also leadership within an important demographic for the future success for not only our organization, but for all involved.
  • What programs and initiatives is VectraBank implementing that is central to advancing women in business?
    Women throughout Vectra Bank serve in essential leadership roles. Our Director of Community Banking (Heather White), our Chief Financial Officer (Ashley Comstock), our Director of Human Resources (Christina Heinzmann) are all c-suite executive level positions critical to Vectra’s growth and success. In addition to the talented women who serve on our executive committee, several other senior leadership roles are currently held by women across the state: 3 market presidents, 73 division or department leaders, and 58 branch management positions are held by women today.
  • With women comprising 67% of the workforce at Vectra Bank, professional development programs to support and empower women throughout the bank are embedded in the organizational culture.
    VectraWomen, a professional development initiative founded by a group of senior female leaders in 2013, serves as a networking, professional development, and community opportunity for women at every level of the bank. This group meets regularly with the goal to provide resources and opportunities to support the professional and personal development of ALL our employees. VectraWomen regularly presents topics on networking, emotional intelligence and achievement — areas that benefit all employees. Hundreds of employees participate regularly in workshops, trainings and informal social gatherings offered either by Vectra or by organizations in the community.
    To further develop and cultivate talent at all levels of the bank, Vectra recently introduce a formal mentoring program. Today, 66% of the participants in this program are women. With a focus on building leadership skills and succession planning, women who are new to financial services are matched with female members of our senior leadership team to foster and support future opportunities and growth for women.
  • How does Vectra Bank leadership work to foster an inclusive professional environment?
    Our CEO, Bruce Alexander, is actively engaged in the advancement of our employees. Bruce regularly schedules CEO luncheons and branch visits to listen to our employees and proactively address concerns and suggestions made throughout the organization. In fact, VectraWomen was established as a result of a CEO Luncheon where Bruce brought together several female leaders to discuss mentoring programs, professional development, organizational challenges, and opportunities.
    Annually our benefits and compensation packages are reviewed to ensure gender equality, and women are consistently sought for promotion and advancement opportunities.
  • Anything else attendees should know about Vectra Bank?
    While women comprise 47% of the U.S. labor force, only 25% serve in the C-Suite. This is why Vectra is particularly proud to have a female CFO, Ashely Comstock. 

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