Adventures of Pinky around the Town: Cafe Options

It was such a nice day that Elly, Nancy, Sanya (CWCC staff) and I walked over to Café Options at 1650 Curtis St.  As one of my first adventures around the town, I wanted to visit CWCC member Catherine Henry at work today.  As a flamingo, I love fresh food that is made from scratch and Café Options offers great, fresh food.  Plus, all proceeds go to Work Options for Women.  I highly recommend that everyone try this place.

I looked over their menu and had such a hard time deciding what to order because of all the choices. I kept debating between the Roasted Vegetable salad and the Baked Caprese sandwich (I am trying to watch my tail feathers); then Catherine suggested that I do the half and half so that I could get both.  I was so excited to find out that I could order any salad and any sandwich! Yum!

While waiting for my freshly made sandwich and salad, I read a little about Café Options.  Did you know that 100 percent of the proceeds from Café Options go to Work Options for Women?  WOW exists to help women end the cycle of poverty by providing them with the work and life skills to become forever self-sufficient and independent. This goal is accomplished by enrolling women in a 16 week culinary program, and providing students with the opportunity to learn culinary and job skills, obtain employment, stabilize their home life, and increase their self-esteem and self confidence.

I started with my Caprese sandwich with olive tapenade, roasted peppers, baked on fresh bread making the sandwich warm and crisp with delicious melted cheese. Mmmm… The tapenade was a nice touch because it helped to bring out the flavors of the tomatoes.  Both Sanya and Elly had the roasted vegetable salad, which was delicious. It was made of roasted root vegetables (I may have to take back all of the bad things I ever said about beets), with lettuce, candied walnuts, feta and a light buttermilk dressing.  I thought that it was very refreshing!  Sanya and Nancy were nice enough to let me try a beak-full of theirs sandwiches too. Sanya had a half of a turkey club to go with her salad. They house roast all of their meats, and you can really taste the difference.  I really liked the tomato aioli that they used.  Nancy had an El Cubano sandwich, a mojo braised pork sandwich with Swiss cheese, and sweet pickles that they make themselves! I love fresh food but as an urban bird,  I really thought that some things always came pre-packaged, pickles big one of those things.  Oh, the things I learn out on the town.

Since I was born a flamingo and not a cow, I didn’t have another stomach for desert. I know that seems silly, but all of the deserts looked SO good, and if the food was any indication then the deserts are also fabulous.  I will have to go back for a latte and a desert sometime soon. I hope to see you there!

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