Adventures of Pinky: Hotel Monaco

This weekend, I pampered myself at the luxurious Hotel Monaco.  At check-in, I met a new friend and we had a nice chat about the Kimpton Summer Playground specials including ice cream and drink specials “Play Nice & Play Dirty.” I went down for a while to drink some Sangria and the play the Wii.  The Sangria was great—the Wii on the other hand was a little difficult for my flamingo feet…it turns out you need thumbs for that.

After my summer specials, I went up to my room and immediately looked around to get acquainted with the room.  I ordered some room service and got ready to watch a little TV in one of their fabulous robes.  For a night, I got to feel what it was like to be a Giraffe!  I loved it and I felt so tall.  The bed was SO comfortable and the staff was so nice.  I really enjoyed the lobby area; it was too warm for a fire but I did take a peek at the great fireplace.  They even have board games in the bookcase, so it would be great to come with friends or family next time.  Plus, the Hotel Monaco is a pet-friendly hotel, so as a flamingo, I should be welcome any time.

I felt a little guilty about being such a sloth this weekend, so I snuck into the gym to work off some of the excess.

What a great visit to the beautiful Hotel Monaco!  For more information, visit

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