Adventures of Pinky: Laughing with the creators of “Girls Only”

I had the best time at the Downtown Luncheon yesterday, but I had a hard time finding a seat because the Chamber had a full house. CWCC Board Member Sherry Ray introduced our speakers by showing us her diary, which of course we could not see very well as she used very small handwriting. Our speakers Barbara and Linda, creators of the hilarious “Girls Only” did a great job. I laughed, I cried….just kidding…but I did laugh. They play off each other so well. It was interesting to hear how they got to where they are today. They always say “Yes” for business, then they try to figure out how to make it work. For example, someone once asked if they could walk on stilts and they said “yes,” then went straight to the store and bought drywall stilts and strolled (maybe waddled at first) up and down the block till they had it figured out.

We then played a game called “Yes and,” which is an improvisation game that got the entire audience to interact with others at their table. It also works for business as a way to bounce ideas off others. The example they used was to create an ideal computer and what you would want this “master computer” to do. Barbara started and said she wanted a computer that will type what she says when she is nursing; Linda said “yes and” I want a computer that will give me a massage; “Yes and I want” a computer that will watch the kids when I have to go to the bathroom; and so on….

I also met some great people at the event. I spoke with Deb Krier about her next Social Networking seminar and realized that, even though I am a bird, I know very little about “tweeting,” so I will see her on May 12th for the seminar.

Rebecca Kirchdorfer and Dana Lynch told me how much fun it was to have an interactive part to the luncheon. I have to agree as it kept me engaged and laughing. The ideas that came out of my beak were fun and some of them were even doable.

Sara Wade and Laura Johnson enjoyed our speakers as much as I did. We had a great time playing “Yes and,” as well as learning things that we could take away with us and use in everyday life. In case you are wondering, “Yes and” is an improvisation game that is an interactive way to bounce ideas off others. An interesting tip was to connect your success to someone else. You will work harder to make it work, because there is someone else counting on you that you don’t want to let down and vice versa.

I had such a good time and I look forward to going to see their show. I cannot wait to see who I will meet and what I learn at our next event. I hope to see you all there!

Don’t forget to tell me what you thought of the lunch, leave me comments or ask me questions, I love to interact with everyone. I am a very social bird after all.


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