Adventures of Pinky: Michelle Roark

Michelle and Pinky

Michelle and Pinky

I know I have not written in a while, but what a great luncheon on November 17th to start off with.  Michelle Roark exuded so much energy, spunk and passion! It was a pleasure to meet her. I was captivated by her amazing life story. While most feel defeated by setbacks, she turns them into opportunities and successes through sheer determination and positive thinking. I cannot believe she knew what she wanted to be when she was five…I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

For those of you who could not attend, she reminisced about touring at a job site with her father as a young girl. She was intrigued by a woman in a hard hat “telling all of the men what to do.” When she found out that woman was a chemical engineer, Michelle announced, “That is what I am going to be!” Sure enough, she made her dream come true.

Growing up, Michelle also dreamed of going to the Olympics and trained as a figure skater for nine years.  When her parents divorced they could no longer afford the sport. Michelle didn’t let that stop her. At the age of 16, she moved to Winter Park, worked three jobs, trained for the Freestyle Ski Team, and went to school full time.  Despite six knee surgeries, she eventually earned a silver medal at the Olympics and won numerous other titles.

While training, she was told to use all five of her senses to remember victory, which is how she started her company Phi-nomenal.  Michelle put her degree to use and made an all natural custom blended perfume that she could wear during competition and associate with victory.  Now she’s created many custom scents with different  themes.  I’m excited about her men’s scent that’s nicknamed ‘chick magnet.’  I’m getting it to wear at the next event, so no one will be able to resist taking pictures with me.

So, now I think I know what I want to be when I grow up…Michelle Roark.

Not only did the Women’s Chamber have a fabulous speaker, but I had a great time meeting new members: Marisa Huston with Bradnulations andLisa Berquist with Embrace The Leader Within.  I also met Malcolm Aylett with Edward Jones who donated wine and a spice set, yum! Charles Greaves with Compliant Services won the wine; I tried to get it from him, but he was too quick.

Lisa, Marisa, Malcom, Charles & Pinky

Cindy Kent with A la Carte Gifts and Baskets and Alice Kaiser with William Crow Jewelry were there and donated a beautiful basket that I though was for me, until it was presented to Michelle for speaking.

Michelle & Donna

I hope to see you all soon. I am excited to be back!

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