Allyship Spotlight: Lamar McBride

Lamar McBride featured as an ally with colorful details

This June, the CWCC is celebrating #ALLYSHIP in all of its forms. If you have ever experienced being the “only” in a room or identified as an “other,” you understand the power of having allies who recognize injustices and oppressive cultures that must be overcome.

Throughout the month, we’re going to share the stories and profiles of people who have stood up to these injustices and spoken up on behalf of colleagues, friends, and family members to help them reach new heights. Today, we interview and give a big shout-out to:

Lamar McBride
Market CEO Vibra Hospital Denver, Vibra Healthcare

Why is it important to advocate and take action to support the advancement of women in work?

I feel that it’s important for any industry to ensure that they are being proactive in ensuring that woman are being sought out for leadership and executive-level opportunities. Men have historically been in leadership roles for so long, that the “qualities” of a leader, as well as the path to achieve leadership roles; are still largely based on an outdated male model that shuts women out. Advocating for the advancement of women in the workplace has to be part of an organization’s strategic plan and, if possible, incorporated into its mission and values.

“The gender divide in the workplace will not improve until men in leadership roles make a conscious effort to change the historical norms.”

How can other men act as allies for women in business?

Men in any industry that have the power to influence change in their organization can make sure that they are making equity and inclusion a focus when recruiting for open positions, specifically executive and leadership-based opportunities. Male executives can also demonstrate their support of internal growth opportunities for women by facilitating professional development and skill training for female team members.

As male leaders, we have to ensure that we are promoting a workplace that fosters flexibility and policies that encourage a good work-life balance.

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