Allyship Spotlight: Bobby King

This June, the CWCC is celebrating #ALLYSHIP in all of its forms. If you have ever experienced being the “only” in a room or identified as an “other,” you understand the power of having allies who recognize injustices and oppressive cultures that must be overcome.

Throughout the month, we’re going to share the stories and profiles of people who have stood up to these injustices and spoken up on behalf of colleagues, friends, and family members to help them reach new heights. Today, we interview and give a big shout-out to:

Bobby King
VP of Diversity Equity, and Inclusion, Colorado Access

Why is it important to advocate and take action to support the advancement of women in work?

It’s not only the correct thing to do, it supports business, provides opportunities and creates possibilities for the next generation of capable leaders.

How can other men act as allies for women in business?

Make the investment in professional development at the V and C levels.

Men can serve as champions, mentors, and sponsors for women in business.

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