The Report Identifies Solutions Business Leaders Can Explore to Support Women 

DENVER (Feb. 9, 2022) – Women leaving the workforce since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is well known and documented. A new report released today at the State of Women in Business hosted by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and TARRA, and presented by Amazon, shares solutions collected from business leaders across Metro Denver. 

Solutions outlined in the report range from simple changes like modifying sexist language in  job postings to more comprehensive undertakings, such as providing on-site child care for employees. Regardless of where businesses choose to start, solutions outlined in the report were focused on seven main categories: 

  • Finances and lending practices
  • Salaries and benefits
  • Child care
  • Health care
  • Job training and hiring practices
  • Mentorship, networking and sponsorship
  • General workplace practices

The report identified women as significantly affected by the pandemic, in an environment that was inequitable to begin with. Women are 24% more likely than men to permanently lose their jobs as a result of the pandemic.  Working mothers, Black women and women in senior leadership positions have been hit the hardest by job losses during the pandemic. 

“As women continue to navigate the lasting impacts of the pandemic and experience inequities, it is essential we work harder than ever as a business community to ensure women at all intersections are promoted, supported, and empowered to continue to break barriers and reach the highest levels of success,” said Simone D. Ross, president & CEO of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

While much has been shared about the fact that women are disproportionately affected by job losses in the pandemic, not much attention has been given to the fact that there are solutions businesses can enact to assist women in their organizations and the economy on the whole. When women are paid more, the economy is stronger. 

“The She-Cession of 2021 was not just the result of the pandemic, it was the result of decades of lagging solutions to the biggest challenges women face in the workplace—no universal child care, continued pay inequality, lack of investment and financial resources, and unequal opportunities for advancement,” said Kate Bailey, CEO of TARRA. “We can use this crisis as an opportunity to address these critical issues and get women back to work better than before. I am thrilled to finally present this roadmap for our communities, corporations and individuals to address the needs of what women require now and in the future.”

“The Great Reset” is a major collaborative effort that combines academic research from Lynann “Annie” Butler, PhD and Cate Hill of Metropolitan State University of Denver. Solutions outlined in “The Great Reset” were collected from  business leaders, civic officials and students from across the region, including leaders from the City and County of Denver, Deloitte, the Markle Foundation and students from Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Emily Griffith Technical Institute. 

This research shows we can better support women at work and improve the workforce for future generations of women, making a difference in the economy and ensuring both men and women share in its success. To read the full report, visit


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