Cowgirl Up to Managing Up

by Wendy Bohling, CEO, Corporate Cowgirl Up

Just in the tech industry alone, 56% of women are leaving mid career. Most of these women leave because they have hit their own personal glass ceiling. I’m so excited to be speaking on the workshop topic, “Cowgirl Up to Managing Up” at the upcoming Athena Conference on April 12th. Managing up is one of the most important skills we must conquer as we climb the corporate ladder. In the research I’ve done since leaving the corporate world and releasing my best selling book, Cowgirl Up! A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Corporate Frontier, it’s become increasingly clear that as women we must stop waiting to be noticed for our amazing work. Managing up means being the most effective employee you can be and creating value for your boss and your company. But it also means understanding how to thrive in your own dynamic business environment whether challenged by a boss that doesn’t get your value or your own personal self imposed limitations. So saddle up cowgirls, and don’t miss this chance to take your career by the horns.

Let me know you’ll be at the conference and share with me your own personal career challenges with managing up!

Wendy Hall Bohling

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