CWCC Ballot Issues 2020

Together with the guidance of our Public Affairs Committee we have decided to take a stance on the following issues. These three issues stood out to us in particular because of their impact on women in business. Below you will find out position on each and our reasoning.

Amendment B: Gallagher Amendment Repeal
The Colorado Women’s Chamber SUPPORTS

With less than roughly 1% of women-owned businesses in Colorado getting over the $1million mark in revenue, the members of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce are mindful of the need to keep business expenses low as opportunities are lost to hire and retain talent and invest in the success of their business as costs of business increase, including increasing property taxes.  Property tax rates in Colorado are dictated by the constitutional provision commonly referred to as the Gallagher Amendment.  CWCC supports the strong bi-partisan legislative referendum to repeal the Gallagher Amendment.  Gallagher has served as an inequitable and inflexible property tax burden on businesses of all types and sizes.  Without repeal, all of Colorado’s businesses will pay a property tax rate nearly 5 times higher next year than the property tax rate paid by residential property owners.  This increase in taxes threaten our business’ bottom line and the retention of employees while collectively impeding Colorado’s economic recovery and squeezing vital public services—including funding for schools, police and fire services,


Proposition EE: Nicotine and Tobacco Tax
The Colorado Women’s Chamber SUPPORTS

The opportunity for full participation of women in the economy — whether as an entrepreneur or in the workforce — is a central tenet of the CWCC.  The CWCC supports the bi-partisan legislative referendum to increase taxes on tobacco products and impose a new tax on nicotine vaping products to fund universal access to voluntary preschool for all children.  Improving access to preschool dismantles a barrier to achieving this goal for women.  The investment in quality preschool also pays dividends in the development of our future workforce   Further, a portion of the tax revenue will also fund important coronavirus recovery efforts and tobacco/nicotine cessation initiatives.


Proposition 118: Paid Family and Medical Leave
The Colorado Women’s Chamber OPPOSES

As an organization dedicated to the advancement of women, we understand the barriers women face in the workplace every day whether as employees or employers. We know that women generally take on a disproportionate share of care for family members who are elderly or ill, making family and medical leave benefits vital for economic security and success. Unfortunately, Initiative 283 is not the right answer.  This one-size-fits all approach is far too costly and unpredictable for both employees and employers, particularly in these unprecedented times. Finally, the long term financial stability of the program is in question and may cost Coloradans both hard earned dollars and valuable state resources that fund education, transportation, and health care.  The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce will continue to work with the business community and policy makers to find more effective, innovative, and viable solutions to reflect the diverse needs of the business community.


These three issues will be discussed in our upcoming Ballot Issues event on October 1st, along with three others that you will see on the ballot this fall. This is an educational event meant to inform our community on particular issues that impact women in business where both sides will be represented. Learn more and register here. 

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