Do you answer our Question of the Week?

Usually like clockwork, we post the responses for our Question of the Week on Friday afternoons.  However, this week’s question has been so popular, I felt compelled to write about it mid-week.  Question topics usually range from business to politics, the economy and more, but this week we asked if people have a creative outlet outside of work and if so, what was it?  This question came about after talking to several of our members who recently told us that they are artists in their spare time.  Both artists said that they absolutely love creating art as a way to decompress, let out stress, and unleash creativity that they cannot in their careers. 

Workers who use ten minutes of their day to do something creative actually have better job performance on average; so from music to art, sewing to writing, what do you do to unleash your creativity?  To give your answer, click here.  Don’t forget to check out our Questions every Monday in the e-blast and on the website, and check back on Fridays to see how people answered the weekly Question.

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