Results-oriented programming by Kristen Blessman

Kristen Blessman

Like most nonprofits with a mission, the CWCC creates change through innovative programming and engagement — then we measure the results. For us, results mean that our business community has more women in key leadership roles; in the c-suite, on boards of directors and in the highest levels of political offices. We want to see women-owned businesses grow beyond one employee and more than $1 million in revenue more often.

If you’re reading this (I hope) that means we have really passionate members. And we’re well on our way with innovative programming. Our inaugural class of the Women of Influence & Impact Leadership Program is graduating in August. The class learned a unique set of skills through curriculum, social projects, and industry deep-dives. We’re starting our next cohort in October. I hope you’ll apply to be a part of it! 

We’ve also re-invented our Powerful Voices Conversation Series Luncheon, so our members can learn and be inspired by some of our community’s most passionate leaders in the area of advancing women in business. Join us in next week to hear from Kent Thiry, CEO of DaVita.  If you haven’t heard Kent’s story of what brought him to advocate for the promotion of women in business, you’re in for an incredibly inspiring journey. Register soon as we’re expecting to sell out!

I know one thing that is a common thread in the success of women in business, and it is definitely true in my case: I would not be where I am without the support, guidance and empowerment of some really, really amazing women AND men. What brings us together is that we’re all passionate about seeing the statistics change. And that’s something we can and will be a part of.

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