Event Recap: Downtown Lunch with Marcia Benshoof

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Wednesday, the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce hosted Marcia Benshoof, President of IMA of Colorado and she gave the audience insights into success in business.  Here are six things recommended for success:

  1. It’s not about me
  2. Don’t think about control.  Instead, focus on influence (stand for something).
  3. Lead through ambiguity.
  4. Mentors and dissenters – don’t just surround yourself with people who will agree with you.  Also, mentors can be people younger than you, so always look for new mentors and reverse mentoring situations.
  5. Heartbreaking situations that position us for growth.  Don’t be a victim and always blame others.
  6. Give back.  Also, remember to take care of yourself.

One of my favorite concepts was to have both Mentors and Dissenters. I know that as a flamingo, I like when people tell me that I am right and that my ideas are brilliant. Marcia made a great point by telling us that an idea might be stronger if someone points out the flaws in my thinking. Someone once told me to ask people what they really think and learn to say, “Thank you, let me think about this and get back with you,” because usually if we don’t like what we hear, we get defensive. I also liked the idea of reverse mentoring because I believe that having mentors of all ages can teach you different perspectives. With four different generations in the workforce, I can see how important it is to be open-minded. As my parents always said, your mind is like a parachute—it only works when it is open.

I also really liked number 5, having heartbreaking situations is what position us for growth. I know that “failure is not an option” seems to be the American motto, but what ever happened to “what does not kill you makes you stronger?” Most times, I think that the times you fail you learn more than when you only succeed. It builds character and helps you to learn to think on your feet.

Which one was you favorite concept?

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