Feel Good Friday w/ Simone D. Ross

On this Feel Good Friday, we wanted to share with you one of our members who is using this challenging time to pivot. Women are incredible in the way that we adapt in the face of adversity and Simone D. Ross is no exception. Those of you thinking about making the jump to doing your own thing, this is for you…

Morgan Montgomery, our Business Development Manager, was able to connect with Simone this week and find out more about how she is using this period as launching point for her next endeavor – her own consulting firm! Read below to find out about Simone D. Ross, LLC and Simone’s advice to those thinking of making this change themselves.

Business Name:

Simone D. Ross, LLC and SDR Events

During COVID-19 I’ve crystalized my plan to found a consulting firm, my consulting firm is Simone D. Ross, LLC. I partner with business enterprises large and small to support and facilitate their reimagination of their business and workforce. It’s important that I do this work

 with heart, and with equity at the forefront. My newest business, SDR Events, formed from the need I’ve seen since COVID-19 – to use my focus to help people “ignite your light.” My first event under my new company is Beyond the Bio – check it out!

Why now?

This was my calling. I’ve worked and lead in corporate settings that didn’t cultivate my personal evolution or serve the bigger purpose I had for myself. COVID-19 was the real reset button I needed to lean into all that I knew I was meant to do. I went for it; I have survived worse.

 If ever I do return to corporate, this experience has fortified my ability to define my boundaries, engage my superpowers, and understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Do you, do what your heart is leading to and listen to that internal voice. Get clear on the purpose of what you were meant to do…Carpe Diem!

What do you want the Community to know?

I provide heart-lead and authentic leadership to the companies I serve. At the forefront of my work I always consider the ways in which enterprises create space for intersectionality and equity. There are so many ways we can work together to do this. There are so many considerations, so many resources that are not expensive to implement but they make a world of difference to the entire ecosystem that people are managing and building.

What challenges have you faced?

One of the very real challenges is that I have two kids, parenting has changed during this time. Looking towards the school year ending, I’m wondering what our summer plans will look like? My summer planning conundrum has always been tough, but now it seems I am the summer camp! It impacts productivity without a doubt. Another challenge is ensuring that I’m holding space for self-check ins, business development, and capacity building. Understanding how I can build my personal capacity in a cost effective and time-efficient way is a juggle.

Advice for women thinking about starting their own business.

Number 1: Put it out into the Universe. Something amazing happens when you make the decision internally and then you Speak it, you tend to Become it.

Number 2: Ask for help, women don’t really do this anyway but ask for help. Not in the, this is what you can do for me way, but in the “this is my dream, I need people to help me achieve my dream”.

Number 3: Get Clear. Who are you in this next phase? This is my personal mission statement and create some accountability around that.

What are your motivators/ What keeps you going?

How I am serving, how I am leading and how I show up. I want to show up and lead at my best. Taking time to re-energize myself so I can show up my best.

Be better than the best version of myself. I am always evaluating everything, so I know what to improve on.

Creativity- I am motivated to do new things that challenge me. These opportunities are important to me.

What can the Women’s Chamber do to support you during your transition?

Knowing there is a community, a warm body to listen and be a sounding board.

Help build content for new entrepreneurs- the content is so good.

Network growth and connections for leads as opportunities arise that align with my business and mission. Support in helping attain these opportunities.

Personal Mantra:

I am stronger than I think. I have what I need. Failure is a part of the road to success. I am in control of how I think, feel, and behave.

How can we follow your work?

Website: Simone-Ross.com

IG: @SimoneyD,

Facebook: Simone D. Ross

Show this woman some love! The CWCC is so appreciative that Simone would share part of her journey with us. We hope this has inspired you to take the leap if you are considering a change. The CWCC is here to help provide you connection during this time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@cwcc.org for more information.

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