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Kathleen Osgood, owner of Avendi Promotions has been a long-time member and supporter of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Kathleen is a driving force behind our monthly Business Owners’ Peer Group and Downtown Power Partners. Her kindness, compassion and drive to help small women-owned businesses succeed by fostering a welcoming and supportive environment that truly makes an imprint in our community.

The inception of Avendi Promotions began 15 years ago when Kathleen was coordinating and creating uniforms for her children’s sports teams. After hearing about an embroidery franchise, she was inspired to create a business of her own, thus Avendi Promotions was born.

What Advice Do You Have for Small Women-Owned Businesses Just Starting Out?
Find something that brings you joy. To ensure that what you are passionate about aligns with the work you are producing, and success will follow. To remember, not to sweat the small stuff and trust your intuition.

What Are Some Habits, Disciplines or Regular Practices That You Think Has Contributed to Your Success?
As a small business owner, to get involved in your community, volunteer and give back while developing authentic connections. That whether you establish personal or professional relationships, business growth will come into fruition organically.

How has the CWCC Supported You?
By providing resources, connections in the community, education and leadership trainings. My first event at CWCC was the Powerful Voices Luncheon, which features a speaker that shares their inspirational and motivating story of success- that really resonated with me. Also, being a part of the Small Business Owners’ Peer Group. They’ve helped and supported me during times of rebranding for my business. That there is this collaborative, encouraging and guiding network that we are not alone in our business growing pains. As small business owners, we face similar struggles and stresses while overcoming hurdles together.

What Are Some Challenges You Are Facing and How Are You Overcoming Them?
Tariffs affect costs greatly, as well the time frame products are delivered. Being very detail oriented, planning to allow for any unforeseen circumstances or delays. Strong communication between vendors, at times across cultures, so being culturally sensitive is crucial as well as purchasing local products when available.

What Inspires You?
My family and friends with entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirits making an impact in the community while being exposed to incredible speakers, business owners and change-makers in the Women’s Chamber community- that inspires me.

To learn more about what Kathleen can provide for your business, visit Avendi

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