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It’s summer, which means many of us will be looking forward to campouts and twilight hikes, none more so than Boy Scouts. And now — for the first time ever — girls will be also welcomed into the iconic program of character and leadership development.
As a CWCC member for years, the Boy Scouts organization has valued the participation of women as leaders, but with this news, they are working toward even more inclusion and representation. We caught up with Elisa Corry, Area District Director, to learn more about what this milestone means for girls in Colorado and what they love about CWCC membership.
Currently, there are 25 Scouts BSA Troops for Girls in the Denver area, serving 400 girls, and the organization hopes to recruit more. Just like in the workplace, seeing more gender diversity in community activities is so important for young girls.
“We are really looking to diversify our volunteer team. I hope the girls in our scouting program will have the opportunity to see awesome, successful women who look like them in the program.”
In addition to organization-wide initiatives, Elisa says that CWCC Membership is important to her team (four out of five of whom are women) in a decidedly male-dominated organization. She is the highest ranking female in the district. Ten years ago, the Boy Scouts had 250 leaders — only five of whom were women.
“The CWCC is a great opportunity to have more female mentorship for our employees. Women’s issues in the workplace are always going to be different wherever you go. It’s good to have allies… women in business who have blazed this trail before, saying ‘you can do it!'”
She also enjoys the collaborative and supportive environment found within CWCC, and looks for mutually beneficial connections. If you are interested in becoming more involved with Boy Scouts or run a Scouts BSA girls group, visit to get more involved.

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