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Learn about our member Dunkin’ Brands as they sweep the nation supporting coffee sustainability, eliminating foam cup consumption and driving impactful initiatives to advance women in business. 

Why did Dunkin’ Brands decide to open locations in Colorado ?
Dunkin’ is committed to offering our consumers increased accessibility to the brand and we continue to focus on growth and development efforts outside of our core Northeast markets. Our goal is to add 1,000 net new restaurants in the U.S. by the end of 2020, with 90 percent of these net openings to be built outside of the Northeast, and much of this growth will take place in the western part of the country, including states such as Colorado.

Currently, there are 37 Dunkin’ and 25 Baskin-Robbins restaurants and nine multi-brand Dunkin’ / Baskin-Robbins locations open throughout Colorado.

What are some initiatives Dunkin’ is driving to advance women in business?

Dunkin’ Brands is committed to ensuring all of our employees are paid fairly for the work they produce. We conducted an internal analysis to validate pay equity across the organization, and in 2016 we made a public commitment to developing and paying women equally: we were one of the 100+ companies that signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge, and we are members of the Boston Women’s Workforce Council’s 100% Talent Compact.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) serve as networks that increase cultural awareness, provide career development opportunities, and provide a conduit to our communities allowing us to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusions. One of our ERG’s is wIN, our Women’s Integrated Network.  The mission of wIN is to unite men and women at Dunkin’ Brands to empower and accelerate the development of women leaders, build community and resources to serve as a diverse sounding board for our global organization, and drive innovation that grows share of the women’s market. Dunkin’ Brands Board of Directors has two female members, and our leadership team includes a female CFO, CHRO and CCO.  Dunkin’ Brands is also a member of Women’s Foodservice Forum.

Why did Dunkin’ join the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce?

A key to the brand’s continued success has, and always will be, our collaboration with our franchisees. As a 100% franchised brand, it is imperative that our owners develop and establish roots in their local communities. One of the ways in which we assist our owners in doing that, is by aligning and developing partnerships with local economic, professional and development groups such as the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, so that our owners can further strengthen and forge those local ties.

What are some social and/or environmental projects Dunkin’ is currently or planning to implement?

Dunkin’ has an ongoing commitment both on the brand and franchisee sides to create positive and impactful initiatives for both customers and communities throughout the world by implementing the following environmental and social projects…

Environmental Initiatives:

  • Transitioning from foam: Dunkin’ is on track to meet a watershed sustainability goal, the elimination of polystyrene foam cups in its global supply chain by mid-2020. In its U.S. restaurants, Dunkin’ has begun rolling out a new double-walled paper cup for all hot beverages, offering heat retention properties that are equal to its foam cup and the current re-closable lid that Dunkin’ customers know and love. The elimination of foam is expected to remove approximately one billion foam cups from the waste stream annually.  In fact, as of December 1 2019, all Dunkin’ restaurants in New England will be fully transitioned to the double-walled paper cup. The New England conversion means that nearly 70% of the Dunkin’ system has been switched to the new double-walled paper cups, putting us on track to meet our 2020 commitment.
  • Supporting coffee sustainability: In 2018, Dunkin’ and National DCP (NDCP) announced a five-year agreement with World Coffee Research (WCR), a nonprofit collaborative research and development program of the global coffee industry. A percentage of sales from every pound of Original Blend coffee beans sold to Dunkin’ franchisees for use in Dunkin’ restaurants now go to WCR in support of coffee sustainability efforts.
  • Offering vegan and plant-based options: Providing choice is a key element of menu innovation at Dunkin’ Brands, and the company has made a commitment to expand its vegan and plant-based offerings on its menus by 2020.  In October 2019, Dunkin’ rolled out its Beyond Sausage ® Sandwich to stores nationwide. With the launch, Dunkin’ is the first U.S. restaurant brand to serve Beyond Breakfast Sausage. In addition, Baskin-Robbins introduced two non-dairy, vegan ice cream flavors, Non-Dairy Chocolate Extreme and Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
  • Improving energy efficiency: Dunkin’ launched DD Green Achievement™ five years ago, designed to help its franchisees build more sustainable and energy-efficient restaurants. With more than 340 certified DD Green Achievement shops as of May 2019, Dunkin’ is on track to meet its stated goal of opening 500 DD Green Achievement restaurants by the end of 2020.

Social Initiatives:

  • Bringing joy to kids who need it most: The Joy in Childhood Foundation®, powered by Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins, has granted $20 million primarily to bring the simple joys of childhood to kids battling hunger or illness. In just the past two years, guests have also donated $4.2 million through Community Cups® and Community Cones® in-store fundraisers.
  • Committing to diversity and inclusion: Dunkin’ Brands received a perfect score of 100 on the 2019 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), the nation’s premier benchmarking survey and report on corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQ workplace equality.


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