The Adventures of Pinky – Downtown Lunch with Tracie Keesee

I had the best time at the downtown lunch. Not only did Tracie have a lot of history and information to share, but she was so funny (and I am not saying that because she was armed J).

Her stories of how she got to where she was and the road blocks her mom put up were touching and funny.  Tracie painted such a great picture of here life.  I had no clue who she was talking about when she was describing the 1970’s cop shows she used to watch—after all, I’m just a Flamingo.  But, I could picture how a show starring an African American woman with a big afro saying “I’m going to get you sucka” could really motivate a young woman.  She also told us how policewomen historically started off wearing skirts and heels.  I can’t even imagine trying to chase someone down in heels!

Tracie was very engaging when asked the audience members asked her questions.  She walked over to whoever was asking the question and listened intently, and would move back and answer the whole room.  I think that it made everyone feel very involved.

I thought that she was a great, funny and interesting speaker.

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