The importance of being ethical in business

The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce offers Leadership Series Luncheons every month to spotlight business leaders from a variety of different fields.  October’s Leadership Series will teach attendees about Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities in an interactive, town hall setting on Oct. 9.  This interactive session will explore some key questions and develop a framework to handle ethical issues in the workplace.  Subjects covered in the luncheon will include:

  • What is ethical versus unethical? How do you decide?
  • What are the key factors involved in making an ethical decision?
  • Are unethical decisions ever warranted?
  • How do I develop a culture of corporate ethics in my workplace?

Facilitated by Lisa Decker, partner in the Denver office of Holme Roberts & Owen, the panel of experts will also include Bill Decker, a speaker and consultant, and Rebecca Kirchdorfer, co-owner of Downing Street Garage.  Register at

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