#WomenCrushingWednesday w/ Cathy Lucas

We are excited to kick off our #WCW partnership with Metropolitan State University Denver with MSU leader and CWCC Board of Director, Cathy Lucas!

Name: Cathy Lucas     

Organization:  Metropolitan State University of Denver

Title:  Vice President of Strategy and External Affairs

Community work (board service, volunteering, mentoring, etc.):  I have served as a commissioner to the Denver Public Library since 2017, and am currently the President of the Commission.  I also have served on the board for Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado, Public Education Business Coalition, the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation and the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation. 

CWCC Involvement (CWCC member for x amount of years, Engagement within CWCC: serve on our board, support our members and team, etc.):  I have served as a CWCC Board Member since 2017.  This organization energizes me daily. It has allowed me to better get to know rock star women who inspire me and learn from them.

The Why: Why do you do what you do/ why are you passionate about your work in our community?  The past 20+ years, I’ve been able to engage multiple stakeholders on a myriad of issues through strategic storytelling and advocacy.  The opportunity to mentor and help students and team members along the way has been an added bonus. The ability to give back through my craft  keeps me energized and, quite frankly, excited.  It’s in my core. It’s who I am.  

What is one of your biggest challenges that you have overcame, and how did you overcome it? This past year has been quite the challenge.  From working through a global pandemic to losing a parent.  I have leaned on a strong support network of mentors, friends and advisors.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, while continuing to evolve and discover new ways to lead and grow.  I keep saying, “I am a work in progress.”

What is your personal motto?  Trust where life will take you. 

Advice for others in business based on what you have learned on your journey:  Get engaged in your company and your community early on, and always volunteer for assignments outside of what your job entails. If you volunteer for a committee, you can demonstrate your skill set and a manager may then remember your tenacity and keep you in mind for future assignments.  Or, volunteer for a nonprofit.  Not only is this personally fulfilling, but it will allow you to further gain experience in your field or craft. And, make sure you network along the way. Asking someone for career advice really does go far. They may think of you a few years down the road for an opportunity.

 What are you most proud of from the last year?

This past year we’ve worked through a global pandemic, social unrest and a historical financial crisis.  I am so proud of the consistent messaging strategy that my team and I developed and implemented.  Whether it was talking points, an Op-Ed piece, a marketing campaign or a targeted outreach program, we did it with much intentionality and from the lens of each stakeholder. And, we always operated with the principle that we handle tough issues head on.


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