yarn bomb
OK, many of you may have heard of yarn bombing a while ago. But, under my rock, we get the news a little slower. Yarn bombing is a kind of knitted graffiti.  According to Wikipedia, …yarn bombing is almost exclusively about reclaiming and personalizing sterile or cold public places.”  

The Ladies Fancywork Society recently covered a fence near Union Station in Denver with their thread-based graffiti. In fact, the Denver Office
of Cultural Affairs commissioned the work and
The Ladies were selected from 300 applicants.
See more of their explosive Denver projects.

Yarn bombers mix the illegal daring qualities
of graffiti with the traditional, yarn-based craft-form. Naughty, but very nice—both to
look at and to touch. Yarn bombs explode with color, blasting everything in their path with a warm, fuzzy layer.

For yarn bombers, the medium (yarn) is everything. It is the instrument by which their message is conveyed. Take for example, the leg warmers crocheted especially for the tall white figures outside the The Denver Performing Arts Complex. Would denim have had the same effect?

Words are a medium of expression—we could hear them on a webinar or read them on a billboard. Whichever we choose affects how that message is received and interpreted.

In other words, the medium adds another layer to the message. Every day we make choices about how our messages get out. The medium could be the paper we print on, or the color of the ink. It could be a singing telegram or a blog post.

Does the medium detract from or add to our message? Is our message placed where the right people will see it? Should we SHOUT OUR MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS?!

Calm down…I’m here to help.
Together we can knit a solid message with the right medium(s) for you and your audience.


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