3 Simple Ways to Green Your Plumbing

By Kris Jordan, CWCC Member

A few GREEN tips from the desk of PlumbingGirl:

1.  Purchase a plunger. It sounds very simple, but a good plunger can solve lots of problems. Never use chemical drain cleaning products to clear clogs in tubs and sinks. These products are not good for you as a person, and are NOT good for your plumbing. If you have a stubborn clog, first remove the stopper and see if you can pull the hair clog out with your fingers. If you are not able to reach the clog, you can plunge the sink or tub line (including kitchen sinks). Make sure there is water in the line and that there is a tight seal around the plunger’s mouth.

2.  They don’t make double rolls so you can use double the toilet paper in one sitting. An overuse of toilet paper, is not just wasteful, it causes problems in the line. Remember spit balls? Wet pieces of paper that clump? Those are what you are putting in your line when you use extra plush toilet paper. Steer clear of “ultra” toilet papers and the over use of them.

3.  Flush your low-flush toilet ONE time only. If you are flushing it more than once, what’s the point of a low-flush- right?! Complaints from consumers who own low flush toilets that don’t clear the number 2’s completely, is very common. The low-flush technology has changed quite a bit since its beginnings. If you are finding this to be an unbearable issue, and have tried tips one and two above, you may want to look into a good power-flush toilet.

For more information, visit www.GarvinsSewerService.com. PlumbingGirl is the blog writing, question answering, social media alter-ego of Kris Jordan, the third generation family member of this local family-owned company. Garvin’s honesty and fairness make them a highly trusted and referred business, both within and outside of their industry. Questions & comments can be directed to her at askplumbinggirl@hotmail.com.

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