The “Me” In Team…………Leadership Tips for BIG IDEAS

By Betsy Wiersma Founder, CampExperience™ and CWCC Member

CampExperience Logo“There’s no me in team” is the old teamwork adage…..but I disagree.  The “me” is YOU, the team leader who has the privilege and responsibility to take your team on its journey to produce your own BIG IDEAS.

After 30+ years creating and producing what I call BIG IDEAS, projects with loads of volunteers and millions of details, I have my own “Top Ten” list of tips for you to lead with style.

10.  Share the Ownership:  Start with the end in mind and let your folks fill  in the ideas to get there.  They think of, they OWN it!

9.  Picture the End Results:  Draw a map, make a vision board, find a way to make the idea VISUAL.

8.  Thank in Advance:  Assume success and appreciate every step in the process.  Share your happiness with compliments and praise.

7.  The Devil is in The Details: Find your style with managing the details.  It is the little things that make the big things work.

6.  Write It Down:  Document conversations in e-mail.  It not only captures your plans but gives the team/client a chance to review and modify along the way.

5.  Stop Talking:  In my experience, when I stop talking the team ideas begin.  Big leaders usually have big voices.

4.  Keep Listening:  Ask questions (see #5 stop talking)  and LISTEN.  This is a great time to go back to #8.  Show confidence “I know  you will ROCK this project!”

3.  Make it FUN!  Life is hard enough.  Big project and deadlines and expectations build stress.  Find some FUN along the way.

2.  Rinse and Repeat:  Along the path, find out what is working, “rinse off” what is not and REPEAT the best practices.

1.  Enjoy the Ride!  Any project is a life journey, and any journey is life!  Enjoy the good news and the challenges and “get” that the path is as important as the end results.  Remember it’s ALL GOOD!

About Betsy and CampExperience™
Betsy Wiersma is the owner of Wiersma Experience Marketing and creator of the annual retreat for amazing women CampExperience™.  Now in its 9th year, CampExperience™ has raised nearly $250,000 for women’s empowerment charities.  In 2014, Camp will be September 19-21 at Cheyenne Mt Resort in Colorado Springs.

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