Adventures of Pinky: DTC Luncheon

 Today, the Founder and CEO of Camp Bow Wow®, Heidi Ganahl headlined the Women’s Chamber DTC Luncheon.  She told us her amazing story of love, loss, triumph and passion in entrepreneurship.  Heidi has overcome so much in her life.  She told us the tragic story of how she lost her first husband in a plane accident and how the whole experienced changed her.  The idea of a dog day camp was an idea the two had shared together, and after many other obstacles after the loss, she founded Camp Bow Wow® in Colorado in 2000 and has since sold over 200 franchises all over the U.S. and Canada.  She said it was very important to have a passion for what she does and encouraged the audience to do the same.  What amazed me most about Heidi was her positive attitude and her determination.  For someone who has gone through and accomplished so much, she seemed so upbeat and down-to-earth.  She finished her story with a happy ending; a few years ago, she met a man who is now her husband and they are expecting a child together in August.

In addition to her personal story, Heidi told us all about Camp Bow Wow®, which is both a day and an overnight camp for dogs.  I wonder how they would feel about a day camp for pink flamingos?  I’m afraid the dogs might try to use me as a chew toy, so I think I’ll check out the Camp using one of their interactive webcams.  You can check out a variety of cameras placed throughout the Camps anywhere and at any time.  Heidi even suggested that if you need to kill some time, check out the dogs playing at any one of the Camp Bow Wow’s® online.  Check out more information about the Camp at

After the lunch, I met with several attendees and admired the bottles of wine from Vino 100 DTC that a few of the lucky attendees won as door prizes.  Vino, who also sponsored the lunch, offers 100 great wines for under $25.  Check them out at

I have to “fly,” catch my next adventure soon!


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