By Amy Shoemaker, Founder, Amy L Shoemaker Partnerships, LLC and CWCC Member

As we prepare to celebrate the fresh beginnings of a new year, we are drawn to reflect on the people we appreciate.   How often do we take them for granted?

  • The employees who show up daily and do a great job for us; which makes our lives so much easier.
  • The sales people who go out of their way to assist us in finding the perfect gift, an outfit that fits, or serve us a warm meal. They still smile at us, even when our tone of voice is weary and stressed.
  • The person who holds the door for you, instead of letting it close in your face.
  • The neighbor who picks up your garbage can when it blows over and you never know who helped.
  • The hair stylist who compliments you when you are feeling your worst.
  • The stranger who catches your eye on the sidewalk and you exchange smiles.

During the recession, 2 Brothers started their lawn mowing business after both were laid off.  They hung a flyer on my door, so I gave them a chance.  They were always punctual, would call to reschedule if the weather didn’t cooperate, and left a well groomed yard.  I was thrilled!  Their first Christmas, they left a $25 gift card to a local butcher in the mailbox for their customers with a Thank You note.   I sent them a note in return and complimented them on all the ways I appreciated them.  One of the brothers called that Sunday and said I was the only customer who sent them a thank you note.  We talked for a half hour about their new business, how their first year had gone, what it was like to be business owners for the first time.  They were some of the special people I miss since I moved to Colorado.

I invite you throughout this new year, to express your appreciation to the people in your life who bring you joy, are dependable, show you kindness, and go out of their way to make your day pleasant.  Who are the unsung heroes at your company who do a great job every day and often get over looked?

  • The long term employee, you can always count on. They never give you grief or drama.
  • The employee in accounting who delivers your financials on a timely basis so you can make informed decisions.
  • The employee in Information Technology who updates your computer software while you are sleeping so they don’t disrupt your day.
  • The receptionist who always smiles and says Good Morning, even when you are grumpy.
  • The process people who keep your business running smoothly so you can serve your customers.

With the New Year fast approaching, who will you appreciate each day?  How do you appreciate other people throughout the year?


Amy Shoemaker Headshot 2014Amy Shoemaker utilizes 18 years of experience as a Vice President in
entrepreneurial mid-size, and Fortune 500 corporations, including Farm
Credit Bank, Via Christi Health Systems, Koch     Industries, Knight Ridder, Cox Communications,  Pizza Hut, multi-state banking, and Kennedy and Coe to develop her clients’ leadership skills, employee engagement and business growth. Her passion includes partnering with leaders to obtain their full potential through executive business coaching and leadership development, creating a succession plan through developing their managers, merger and acquisition leadership integration, and strategic human resource initiatives to drive business growth.


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