April’s Monthly List

Five ways to encourage women to explore careers in male-dominated industries.

  1. Mentor
    If you’re a woman who works in an industry where females are underrepresented, seek out opportunities to serve as a role model for young women.

  2. Men Empower Women
    If you’re a man in a traditionally male-dominated industry, take the time to mentor and encourage a woman to get into the field.

  3. Remove the Barriers
    If you’re a manager, try removing gender info from job applications and evaluations.

  4. Refer to the CWCC
    The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest women’s chambers in the country. We help women get into the highest levels of leadership. Refer someone today! Learn more at cwcc.org.

  5. Be a Part of the Conversation

Don’t miss Girls Rising: Building a Pipeline of Women Leaders on April 24th from 7:00-9:00 AM as we recognize and empower girls pursuing STEM degrees; click here to register!

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