The Concept of Give vs.Get

Kristen BlessmanDear Members,

I met with an amazing CWCC member the other day who reminded me of the concept of giving before we receive. It’s such a simple concept, but one I feel like we sometimes overlook. We’ve all come across a colleague who possesses this quality. Someone who is always thinking about how to help you and your business, more than they are asking for help with their own. They want to connect you with people who might be interested in what you do. It struck me how unique and incredible these types of women are.

I know sometimes I get so focused on my career, family and everything I have going on, sometimes it’s hard to just stop, listen and think about how to help. I can get tunnel vision on the path to meeting my goals which, sometimes, can be a great quality. But sometimes it’s way more important to just listen and give, before we get.

Oftentimes it’s more rewarding to help others-we get so much more out of this for our own personal development. It just feels good to help someone. When we take the time to truly invest in building a relationship, the more we get what we need. Moving forward, I’m making this my personal mantra and a goal for us at the CWCC. How can we help our member’s businesses or careers blossom and grow? Whenever I’m sitting across the table from a friend or a colleague, I want to always think first about how I can help them. I’m going to seek to understand what the drivers are in their business, ask questions, and get to know people personally.

The CWCC is a perfect place to practice your giving skills. We provide events and programming designed to allow you to build your network, all with a thread you hold in common — advancing women in business.

Speaking of which, a way that we can reach out and give back is by attending our next event: Girls Rising: Creating a Pipeline of Girls into Non-Traditional Careers. Come learn how to give back to young women pursuing a career historically dominated by men here.

Thank you to all of our members for all that you give back to me every, single day. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible women and men that are passionate about what we do.


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