Build Business, Build your Tribe and Have Fun!

Kristen Blessman

Dear Members,

Kristen BlessmanWhat benefit is there in “building a tribe?” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and was recently discussing it with one of our members. She was telling me a story of a group of women early on in her career that she met with on a regular basis. Looking back, she attributes most of her success and book of business at that time to those women. I know a lot of us – myself included – can relate to that.

With summer essentially upon us, the sunshine has me longing to spend time with friends on a deck somewhere, enjoying the amazing weather. I used to want to step away from networking or attending big events during this season, but as we all know: business doesn’t stop running just because it’s summer. I also realize, however, that much of the members of my tribe aren’t just colleagues, they are dear friends. I actually want to spend more time with them — especially now. We can sit on a patio or make time for wellness together, enjoying one another’s company while we network and build business.

So, let that motivate us all – to continue to network, but in fun and relaxing ways that allow us to enjoy the season. That is what we had in mind when we created this year’s summer line-up of programming. Click here for a look at what exciting events we have in store.

Perhaps this is the year you will find a prospective tribe sister at the chamber, because we all share one common thread: we’re just as passionate about helping others build their business as we are about building our own.

That’s our mission — helping women advance in business — and each of us takes that to heart.

I hope to see you over the summer!

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