MEMBER PROFILE: Fireside Production

As a female business owner and the mother of two young girls, Naomi Binkley, Founder and Managing Partner of Fireside Production, is committed to lifting up women and girls. That’s what inspired her connection to the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

“There were times in my previous career where I felt limited in my own advancement potential and certainly, in my income earning opportunities,” said Binkley. “There is work to be done to level the playing field and CWCC is the right convener to bring great minds together to move those necessary changes forward.  Fireside is delighted to be a part of that.”

Fireside Production believes in the celebration of your story.  Fireside makes the stories of your organization memorable by bringing your vision and communication goals to life – with engaging videos…and a production process that’s enjoyable. 

Fireside is the video producer of choice for the CWCC Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business. Naomi says the stories of successful women in Colorado help motivate her team and touch their hearts.

“The women who inspire me personally are the ones who lead from where they are, they see opportunities and ways to make a difference and they act.  They don’t just talk about what’s wrong in our community or post criticisms on social media, they’re the ones who actually get their hands dirty trying to make change.  They are the women who face incredible challenges but get up every day and give it their all.  They are the women who build others up – who try, fail, learn and try again.  They are the women who lead with authenticity and heart.”

As a small business, Naomi says Fireside Production’s visionary-level membership with CWCC has been a powerful way to build their reputation and to get in front of the people and organizations they want to do business with.

“CWCC is a place to connect with women at various phases of their professional journeys, many of whom are more than willing to offer guidance and mentorship.  And CWCC is engaging our community in the right conversations to advance women in business and backing those conversations with action.”

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