CWCC DTC Leads Group Networks to Register Bone Marrow Donors

Co Womens Chamber VolunteerWhat do bone marrow, Denver Nuggets and the DTC Leads Group have in common?  On Sunday, January 20, the CWCC DTC Leads Group volunteered and worked a booth for the Love Hope and Strength Foundation at a sold-out Nuggets game.

As a group we decided to do one service project a quarter.  We think it’s a great way to deepen our relationships and at the same time do some good for our community.

This was our first project and it was a slam dunk success!

Love Hope Strength is an international charity that is focused on saving lives with advances that have already been made in cancer treatments.  One of their important initiatives is getting people to sign up for the National Bone Marrow Registry.  Bone Marrow is a key to helping people who have leukemia or lymphoma.

Get Ready for Rejection

Rob Rushing, Director of LHS, quickly briefed our team of Michelle Hutchison-Comiskey & Company, Hilda Perez -American Family Insurance, Romaine Tacznosky-Brokers Guild Classic, Debbie Josendale-3C Marketing Group and Sarena Petalas-Key Bank.  He prepared us for rejection by telling us that basketball games were the hardest events to recruit donors.

But not for the DTC team.  Armed with some fun signs…that said “I’m on the List?” we set up a tag-team  structure.  A couple of us stood out front waving the signs and chanted “I’m on the List…Are you on the list?”  Our secondary team, provided education on what it means to be on the Bone Marrow Donor Registry and why it’s vital to saving lives, quickly tag teamed everyone who expressed interest.

The DTC Leads Group Signs Up the Most Donors

The results were amazing!  Not only did we sign up the most donors ever at a basketball game, but we had a great time.  The impact of the experience is best expressed by a comment posted on our LinkedIn DTC Leads Group page by member Romaine Tacznosky:

This was a great experience on several levels. It was fun getting to know each other better, it was so encouraging to see people sign up to be a potential bone marrow donor (just affirms the goodness in humankind) and that one person said they so appreciated what we were doing because he had received bone marrow. Kudos to all for signing up the most donors EVER at a basketball game!!!!

If you’re looking for a Leads Group, please come to a meeting.  We meet the first and third Tuesday of the month at 11:30 at Key Bank, 5950 S Willow Dr., Greenwood Village, CO 8011.

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