Blogging for Business: Working Day and Night for You

By Debbie Josendale, President of 3C Marketing Group, LLc and CWCC Member
images-6Your blog is a powerful marketing hub that increases your visibility, attracts search traffic, connects social media to your web site, and starts virtual conversations, 24x7x365.  Blogs offer the flexibility to achieve diverse business goals such as:  becoming the go-to expert, positioning with thought leadership, answering FAQs, starting virtual conversations, attracting new prospects and more.  These are just a few of the reasons why blogging is the fastest growing B-to-B marketing tactic according to a 2012 Content Marketing Institute survey.

Whether you’re considering starting a company blog, or want to revamp the one you already have, here are 5 reasons why your blog is your most valuable marketing asset.

1. Blogs are “Owned” Media

Each blog post you publish creates a new web page that you “own”.  In the process, you’re growing a valuable media asset that you own.  In contrast to third party sites like social media channels, where you’re a contributor not the owner.

2. Blogs Nurture Virtual Relationships

Regular blog posts the deliver relevant content nurture virtual relationships. Providing real value to your target audience earns trust and ultimately promotes business growth.

3. Blogs Increase Website Traffic

Blogging makes it easy to add fresh content to your website.  Search engines love new, updated content.  When you add keyword strategies to blogging, website traffic grows.

4. Blogs are Jet Fuel for Social Media

Social is all about the conversation and having something to share.  From Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter and beyond, blogs make it easy to reach out and connect with your target audience wherever they are and start a conversation.

5.  Blogs Build Know, Like and Trust Factor

Blogs provide an opportunity to write in a conversational tone that makes your company feel “human.”   You can literally express the personality of your company with your tone of writing voice.  Combine your personality with great content builds the know, like and trust factor; turning visitors into clients.

So if you’re ready to start your blog or breathe new life into an existing blog, please join me at the Colorado Women’s Chamber on Tuesday February 12 for the 7 rules of Blogging for Business.  This fast paced 90-minute workshop teaches actionable strategies to make your blog your most valuable marketing asset.  You’ll leave armed with tools and templates that make it easy to implement your blogging strategy.

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