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The vision of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) is to make Colorado the #1 state for Women in business. The mission of the CWCC is to “provide women opportunities that better our community and economy, help women grow their businesses and their careers; ultimately finding success in work and in life.

The CWCC Policy Committee plays a vital role in supporting civic engagement from its membership by supporting the active involvement of individuals in our community, government, and public affairs. The policy committee encourages and facilitates civic engagement among its members.

The mission of the CWCC Policy Committee (PC) is to support an inclusive thriving Colorado economy that supports the advancement of women in business. The policy committee seeks to enact the CWCC organizational pillars by supporting policy, advocacy, and regulatory action.

The CWCC PC will identify and monitor public policy that MEMBERS OF THE CWCC PC impacts women in business, to serve as an informational resource to CWCC members, elected leaders, and community stakeholders, and to positively influence policy outcomes.

  1. The CWCC PC provides a forum for its membership to discuss, become educated, and establish formal chamber perspectives on public policy issues.
  2. The PC will meet regularly to discuss and execute on priorities that align with the CWCC mission, policy pillars, and key PC issues.
  3. The CWCC PC will look for external opportunities for the CWCC to engage as a thought leader on important issues of the day through the media, task forces, legislation, and coalitions.
  4. The CWCC PC will support members, and the business community by providing guidance and instruction to individuals who wish to participate in the legislative process by presenting their views and opinions on proposed bills or legislation during public hearings.

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