Value-based health care: A better option for your business

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Colorado businesses continue to face volatile post-COVID-19 conditions, including high competition for talent and ongoing inflation challenges. While many employers and employees consider health coverage a key benefit to offer, it’s also the one they feel is most in need of change.

Businesses today need flexible options that help manage health care costs and include tools and resources that empower employees to be healthier.

A different kind of health care provider

Kaiser Permanente helps businesses address the health of their employees early, consistently, and effectively — all while helping to keep costs more manageable.

As one of America’s leading nonprofit¹ health plans, we offer care and coverage together. Our value-based health care benefits your workforce because it…

  • Is personalized and less complicated.
  • Emphasizes preventive health care.
  • Helps patients recover from illnesses and injuries more quickly.

Instead of rewarding clinicians for the volume of care they provide, value-based care incentivizes them to keep people healthy. For example, helping patients better manage their high blood pressure or chronic conditions like diabetes and kidney disease. Kaiser Permanente pioneered many value-based care programs in the U.S., and here in Colorado, our care model has helped keep Coloradans healthy for more than 50 years.

Kaiser Permanente. Franklin location. June 5, 2023. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

To support Colorado employers in providing their employees access to high-quality, affordable care, Kaiser Permanente offers:

  • Disruption-free enrollment and a New Member Connect team for smooth care transitions, even for complex cases.
  • A variety of plan designs to fit employee needs, with a range of deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums to help control costs.

It’s easy to choose from one of Kaiser Permanente’s 1,300 world-class doctors across 46 specialties or our network of more than 14,000 affiliated providers². With Kaiser Permanente, your employees benefit from being able to:

  • See a doctor, fill a prescription, and get a lab test or X-ray at most of Kaiser Permanente’s 30 medical offices along the Front Range.
  • Change doctors at any time, for any reason.
  • Get prescriptions delivered by mail³.
  • Access 24/7 virtual care options4.
  • Find convenient in-person options for routine preventive care, or specialty, urgent, emergency, and hospital care.
A diverse group of business people gather around a laptop in a modern office and discuss what they see.

Expanding our offerings

Kaiser Permanente is excited to bring more value-based health care to more Coloradans with the launch of our new PPO health plan: the Kaiser Permanente Choice PPO.

This is an all-in-one solution for Colorado businesses with more than 100 employees that are interested in offering a PPO alongside one of Kaiser Permanente’s traditional health care plans. Uniquely, the Choice PPO features a blend of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated health care and coverage with an extended network of leading doctors, hospitals, and health systems across the state.

The new plan’s complementary offerings will provide additional flexibility and convenience for Colorado employers seeking high-quality, affordable health care options. It includes coverage for employees who live inside and outside of our Front Range footprint and the ability to work with one insurer to provide care and coverage for all workers.

The Choice PPO is available during open enrollment this fall starting with January 1, 2024 effective dates.  

This news follows an announcement we made earlier this year about significant investments that are in the works to better care for current and future Kaiser Permanente members. We’re building and upgrading medical offices in eight communities across the Front Range, including new, state-of-the-art facilities in Lakewood, Parker, and Pueblo.

With many plan options and Kaiser Permanente’s nationally recognized value-based care, you and your employees can access health care when, where, and how you need it.  

Take a fresh look at Kaiser Permanente.

1. Kaiser Permanente Colorado is composed of the nonprofit Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado and the for-profit Permanente Medical Group.

2. Affiliated providers who work outside Kaiser Permanente medical offices may or may not have access to a member’s electronic medical record

3. Must have a valid prescription on file with a Kaiser Permanente medical office or through the Mail Order Pharmacy. Some prescriptions are not eligible to be mailed, and we are not able to mail them to the following states at this time: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and South Dakota.

4. When appropriate and available. If you travel out of state, phone appointments and video visits may not be available in select states due to licensing laws. Laws differ by state.

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