Delivering on Your Promise – Translating Your Personal Brand into an Effective Social Presence

by Diane B. Zile, Partner, JERA Partnerships


We are just days away from this year’s ATHENA Award Luncheon and Conference.  The ATHENA Model recognizes eight distinct leadership attributes:  authentic self, relationships, giving back, collaboration, courageous acts, learning, fierce advocacy, celebration and joy!  Are you ready to tap into the collective wisdom of your fellow colleagues?  Together, we’ll be celebrating the significant accomplishments and contributions of an amazing selection of women leaders in Colorado.


We’ll also be spending time learning about the key skills needed to be a successful leader in today’s increasingly demanding marketplace.  I’m thrilled to be co-presenting with Helene Kwong at this year’s conference.  I hope you’ll consider joining us for our workshop:  Delivering on Your Promise – Translating Your Personal Brand into an Effective Social Media Presence.


Reputation is the cornerstone of leadership and impacts every aspect of your life and career.  If you don’t define the kind of person you want to be with intent and purpose… others will do it for you!  Aligning your talent, skill and passion with opportunity is the sure path to a fulfilling and rewarding career.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the information available—and it’s hard to know where to start.  I’ve narrowed it down to my “Hi-5” of building a powerful personal brand.


INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY:  Spend time exploring new ways of thinking and expose yourself to new experiences and ideas on a regular basis.  Stay current and fresh with what’s happening in the world.  Seek to broaden your horizons and your perspective.  Being interested actually makes you more interesting.


POSITIVE ENERGY:  Be aware of your impact on others.  The energy you bring to any situation will have a direct impact on the value you add.  Being sincere and genuine is also important—so don’t fake it.  Choose to build on what’s possible— and encourage others to do the same.


CONNECTION:  Building strong personal relationships is important in creating a vibrant, supportive network.  The key here is to make a meaningful contribution in advance of a request.  Finding ways to bring people together and facilitate strategic partnerships will set you apart from others and establish you as a “go to” resource.


INFLUENCE:  Powerful brands result in positive action.  Being able to listen well and anticipate the needs of others will enhance your credibility.  Facilitate open and candid dialogue to align more closely around a shared vision.  Embrace your own personal power—instead of waiting or defaulting to positon power.


IMPACT:  Be clear about your goals and objectives and pursue them with passion.  Do the hard work and take the extra steps to produce a better outcome.  Adapt and adjust quickly when faced with obstacles.  Delivering on your promise, both personally and professionally, builds trust, increases collaboration and gains respect.


By focusing on these key areas, you will position yourself as a valuable resource to others and a significant contributor to your organization.  You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of who you are and the unique gifts and talents you bring to this world.  Harness your own personal power and great things will happen!


Diane Zile is the founder of JERA Partnerships, and guides leaders and organizations through a well-designed process to achieve clarity, alignment, breakthrough and execution.  We are experts in “how” and engage with clients through strategic partnership, coaching and facilitation.  If you’d like to learn more, please visit our website at




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