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By Allison Grenney, Founder of EduKate and CWCC Member

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In 2012, after seeing a startling discrepancy between male and female education in developing countries, and the impact that this shortfall has on global poverty and health, I founded EduKate .  In Guatemala for example, only 5% of indigenous girls go on to secondary school.  When school is inaccessible, high illiteracy and fertility rates further the cycle of poverty. However, when a girl is able to pursue secondary education, this threatening poverty cycle is broken. She is able to become a global citizen and lift her family out of poverty through higher income, financial literacy, and knowledge in nutrition and reproductive health.

This is why I envisioned and put my company into action. EduKate sells U.S. made, sustainable products, whose profits go towards supporting girls’ education on a global level.  One third of the profits currently go to a non-profit in Guatemala called Starfish One-By-One that provides a scholarship and mentorship program for girls from 7th to 12th grade.

Because EduKate is a socially conscious business, there is a triple bottom line, accounting for profit, people and planet.  EduKate integrates not only social, but also environmental concerns in the business model. The tote bags are made in North Denver by a women’s manufacture and are made of all U.S. materials. The iPhone Cases are made in Southern California, by a women-owned company called Tru Protection, out of 100% recycled plastic. All of these products are sold online at, as well as other websites.

As a whole, EduKate aims to create a community of women who support the empowerment of girls through passionate education.  The future of girls’ education in developing countries has the potential to evolve into a network of enlightened and enthusiastic young minds with the power to change their communities, and EduKate hopes to continue to help this process through socially responsible business practices.

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