Engaging Users on Facebook – Best Practices

By Stephanie Lindquist, CWCC Member

A question that we often get here at Firebrand is, “How do I engage my audience better?”  More specifically, before working with Firebrand, most clients claim that they have set up a page but aren’t getting very many fans.   There are some best practices you need to be using when looking at increasing your pages engagement; we have compiled a few that have worked for us and our clients.

1)     Be transparent about what you are posting and who you are.

2)     Engage your fans, solve problems in the public eye and address positive feedback as well. The more interactive you are, the more your fans feel they are being “heard.”

3)     Use photo’s and video –think of Facebook as a conversation between you and your customers.

4)     Run trivia, ask questions, post polls, and offer coupons (and don’t make your customers print them – if they mention it, they get it)

It is important to look at the engagement and statistics on your own Facebook page.  You can find very detailed information about each post and look at the overall “engagement” picture of how your users are responding to your content.  You want to look at the area called “view insights” in order to se the statistics for your page. Remember, if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. Your Facebook page needs to be driving sales, driving traffic to your site so users can make a purchase.

Firebrand specializes in Marketing & Social Media Strategy, SEO and Website design services. Your online presence should be a complete package and we can get you there. Firebrand can help you either get started with Facebook or dial in your strategy so you are not spinning your wheels.

Stephanie Lindquist has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Denver and has been helping top Colorado brands with their marketing strategy since 2009.  Stephanie has been working in marketing as a strategist since 2002.  Stephanie is beginning a new Do-it-yourself Social Media hands on workshop starting in July.  Click Here for more information. We will be offering discounts for Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce members.

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