Finding Guidance in Chaos

By Katie B. Smith, Executive Coach and CWCC Member

We typically associate the word chaos with disorder and confusion.  However, if we choose to look at chaos differently, we can also find guidance speaking to us through the confusion.

Author Caroline Myss speaks of chaos as a way that heaven tries to reach us; that life is turned upside down to get our attention.  Where in your business do you experience chaos and how do you create it? Is it in manipulation and drama, focusing on the negative, acting helpless?  What aspects of chaos are you engaging in and what aspects are you ready to release?

God speaks in fire, wind and flood.  Chaos is the language of God and a system of guidance. Is it wiping everything clean because you are not listening to ordinary guidance?  Perhaps chaos is God changing your life in order to tell you something.  Every experience serves our growth. Our job is to walk into the chaos and learn from it.  What will help you to do so?

I invite you to observe your life and all it holds…..

  • Notice where the disorder is showing up in your business
  • Think about what the alternative could look like
  • What do you need to put in place to create more order?
  • What is the first step you can take to bring more order to your business?

It is all up to us and the choices we make.  We can live life from a perspective of struggle and strain or joy and ease.  The choice is ours and the work involved will help you develop dimensions of yourself  and your business.

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Katie works with individual executives, small business owners and teams to identify tangible goals with real personal and professional meaning. Her coaching methodology moves her clients from operating from their Blind spots to operating from their Brilliance by defining, practicing and owning who they are and the goal they wish to achieve. A member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a graduate of Coach U, Katie lives in Denver, CO and coaches clients all over the globe.

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