Four Networking Tips to Capitalize On

By South Metro Denver SBDC

Networking is an essential skill for most business people, but especially for entrepreneurs. The strong association between the entrepreneur as a person and his or her business, demands that entrepreneurs get out into the world and create and maintain business relationships. Here are some tips and resources to help you improve your networking skills and extend your reach.

 1. Keep it light. This is not a time to sell. Relax, have fun, get to know people and ask for business cards to follow-up later.  Build relationships and the business will follow.

 2. Be consistent. Set times for networking each week or month and plan to attend regular events. Look for events where you will meet people needing your product or service.

 3. Ask questions. Listen. Interact. You will develop a good relationship and learn if this person is someone you would like to do business with someday.

 4. Be wise with cards and time. Don’t hand out your card to everyone you meet; keep them for people with whom you are genuinely interested in developing a business relationship. Manage your time well; don’t spend too much time talking to one person.

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