Getting Organized: In Case of an Emergency

By  Megan Hebenstreit, CWCC Member

We all have some kind of organization system set up in our homes:   kids’ toys go in these bins, dirty clothes go here, cleaning supplies are under the sink, etc.  Some of us even hire professional organizers to get a fresh perspective on organizing or to maximize small spaces.  What most of us don’t think about is how to get organized in case of an emergency.  Do you have a plan set up if your washing machine overflows, thus flooding your laundry room, kitchen and living room?

Ways YOU can get organized BEFORE a fire or water damage :

  1. In the internet age, most of us do everything online.  You could locate an insurance agent, secure coverage and pay your premium without ever meeting your agent.  Know who your insurance carrier and agent are – have your agent’s phone number handy to contact should a loss occur.
  2. Understand your coverage.  Do you have sewer coverage, flood coverage, contents coverage in the correct amounts?
  3. Backup your computer regularly.
  4. If you have family heirlooms, antiques or pricey collections, document your possessions with photos, and receipts if possible.
  5. When temperatures fall below zero keep a slow trickle of water flowing through faucets to prevent frozen pipes.
  6. When temperatures fall below 30 degrees, keep cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate around pipes.

If you have water damage of any size, get organized with these simple tips:

  1. Try to identify the source of water and stop the leak if possible, or turn off the water at its source.  This is easy to do if your bathtub is overflowing, turn the bathtub off.  If you come home to a flooded house, it may be more difficult to identify the source of water damage!
  2. Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting, so your furniture legs don’t soak up water.  Most people have foil in their kitchen, so you can simply wrap foil around coffee table legs, chair legs, sofa legs, etc.
  3. Move wet items to drier areas if possible.  Don’t hurt yourself trying to move heavy furniture alone.
  4. Do not use electrical equipment or appliances while standing on wet flooring.
  5. Document all receipts for any items you have replaced (rugs, electronics, food items, etc.) or using a plumber, roofer, etc.

Megan Hebenstreit, Sales and Marketing Representative SERVPRO

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