Great Article: Women Business Owners

By Donna Evans
CEO, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

I read a good article with great statistics today about why women are so successful in business.  The article is “Why are women so good in business?  The extraordinary success of women-owned companies” By Margaret Heffernan.  Click here to view the article:

Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Executive summary

  • Women-owned businesses in the United States grow at 11% compared to 6% in other companies and have revenue growth of 32% compared to 24%
  • Companies owned by women of colour grow at twice the rate of all women-owned businesses
  • Women-owned companies make leanness a part of their corporate DNA
  • They want to make a difference as well as make money
  • They are more likely to offer flexible working hours
  • They are more likely to be involved in community activity
  • They hire a diverse group of people and offer good health and retirement plans


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