Greening Your Business – 8 Painless Steps

By Linda Giannosa, CWCC Member
What Does Greening Your Business Mean? Good For Our Earth, Good For Your Bottom Line
You may think, “What good can I do?” “What difference can it really make?”

I maintain, I know, that there are small decisions and painless steps that we can take in moving our businesses to greater profitability that do less environmental harm.

The Language

Some are buzzwords. Some are science-based. They all refer to reducing potential harm to our planet. Terms are often used interchangeably.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Green
  • Sustainable
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Environmental
  • Clean
  • Energy efficient
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Organic
  • And more….

8 Painless Steps

Easy steps to green your business need not cost you any more money than you spend now. Many actually will save you money that will go straight to your bottom line. Most just require resetting habits.

1.      Minimize All Electricity Used – Turn off any machinery that are not being used. Extra printers? Sick employee’s computer? TV in the break room? All draw electricity, all cost you money.

2.      Scrap Paper Box – Set an empty printer-paper box next to the printer. Toss all unwanted paper, including the paper package wrap and misprints.

3.      2-Sided Print – Printers can easily be set to print 2 sides. Some require a manual flip of paper, other printers will flip automatically.

4.      Reuse Misprints – Cut the paper into squares, staple a stack. Set by the phones for notes.

5.      Coffee Mugs – Bring one from home. Never use Styrofoam.

6.      Computer Power-Saver – You don’t need an IT person. Computer’s power management settings can be adjusted to your preference.

7.      Desk Plants – Living plants provide oxygen, some clean toxins out of the air. Many require no sunlight.

8.      Turn Off the Lights – Desk lamps? Empty rooms?

Use Less Electricity

Every single moment you use electricity costs you money and every method of creating electricity has some negative impact on our Earth. Do anything you can to use less electricity.

There are now inexpensive retrofit products that will automatically minimize your use of electricity. You’d be surprised what’s available, easy and low-cost with a fast payback. I’ll address options in future blogs.

Good for Our Earth, Good for Your Bottom Line

Greening your business does not need to be a difficult or expensive project. It often saves you money immediately with little-to-no investment.

The small steps you take today will help the earth and increase your bottom line.

Green Energy Business Solutions (GEBS)
Energy management of your business’ biggest electricity draws: air conditioning, refrigeration and lighting. Retrofit solutions provide a fast payback and increased profitability. We help fast-track you to forefront of the green revolution.  Good for your business, good for our Earth.

Linda Giannosa is a life-long advocate of green living. A former educator, she consults with businesses and individuals about greening their operations and lifestyles. She is a native Las Vegan and has enjoyed living in Colorado for the last 4 years. Follow her at

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