Guest Article: Don’t Let Your Business Become a Smorgasbord

The Bottom Line- Monthly Accounting Advice for Better Business-October 2009
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Don’t Let Your Business Become a Smorgasbord

When times are tough and sales slump you may be tempted to offer all kinds of new services hoping to make a sale from anyone who walks in the door. But don’t stray too far from your core competency – the stuff you do really well with optimal use of resources. Often customers end up confused about your business expertise if your services or products are too scattered and of inconsistent quality. Think long-term and evaluate new offerings carefully. Don’t hesitate to us at Capital Bookkeeping for a second opinion on your ideas or plans for your business at 720-200-5025.

Capital Bookkeeping is a CWCC member, as well as the bookkeeping firm for the CWCC. Donna Evans, Chamber President, says “I highly recommend Capital Bookkeeping and encourage you to contact Karin. We are thrilled with their work and our relationship with them.” Let Capital Bookkeeping handle your bookkeeping so you can do what you do best- focus on running your business.

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