Guest Column: Change of Season

Guest Column: Change of Season
by Roseanna Frechette

The change of season is upon us. We’re entering that time of year when days continue warm and sunny but nights and early mornings have become brisk and cool. As the last weeks of summer blend into the first days of fall, our energetic awareness shifts.

It’s good to know we can dress in lightweight clothing while staying active outdoors, but we feel the strong urge to move thicker sweaters toward the front of the closet. Summer vacations have fallen into the memory scrapbooks of our minds. The kids are back in school. Work projects are picking up speed. It’s a productive time of year.

Any time of year is a good time to be fit and healthy; but during a change of season, it’s especially important to stay aware of the need to boost immunity and stock up on healthy energy. Exercise is a proven way to do both. When we participate in an evenly paced, well-balanced range of exercise while enjoying ourselves, we not only improve circulation and encourage healthy functioning of our internal organs and glands (including those responsible for immune response). We also boost our moods with the release of endorphins. Good mood leads to positive output.

Summer was a busy time for play, and fall is a busy time for work. Busy is busy, and if we jump too quickly from one busy season to another, we run the risk of running ourselves down. Likewise, by allowing ourselves a little time to transition with awareness, we can cleanse and replenish ourselves so that once we are in the full swing of the new season we have a clean slate for a mind and more physical energy to run with.

Besides exercise, massage and skin care are perfect ways to detoxify and rejuvenate. Why not move through this seasonal shift with a happy glow? You can rest well through the Indian Summer nights and wake up to the brisker days of first fall by taking good care of yourself. Throughout September, Oxford Club, Spa & Salon features lunch break and happy hour specials. Mention this article Change of Season to receive 15% off your next September retail purchase. Happy change. Hope to see you soon!

Roseanna Frechette is Yoga Director and Business Development Rep for Oxford Club, Spa and Salon; 1616 17thStreet in LoDo; 303-628-5522; This article first appeared in Downtown Denver News LoDo.

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