Faith in Your Business Epiphany

By Tommi Wolfe, The Startup Expert and CWCC Member

I was watching TV on a lazy Sunday morning recently, and caught the tail end of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, just as Mastin Kipp told the story of the small 8′  x 8′ room representing the size of his faith.

And then it hit me. The size of our faith is a mega-indicator of our business success potential. And this is true regardless of how religious you may be or what your beliefs are. The fact that I see demonstrated daily by my clients is this:

Your faith and belief in yourself, your future and your businesses is arguably the best indicator of your future success as an entrepreneur.

images-1Kendra Prospero
Turning the Corner LLC

When you BELIEVE you are going to succeed, this totally governs your decision making. You act boldly and fearlessly, bounce back from mistakes, and think expansively. I am reminded of one of my favorite clients, recruiter and career counselor  Kendra Prospero, winner of The Startup Expert business of the year award last year. She broke 6 figures in her first year of business, and we celebrated the holidays with a company lunch that boasted around 10 people. She never considered failure at all; her business Turning The Corner LLC’s growth was meteoric because her big decisions were grounded in a place of confidence. She has always had huge faith in her ability to succeed.

Sadly, the converse is also true. I watch entrepreneurs who really don’t believe in their ability or their future success. I watch as they make small, fearful decisions, one step forward, two steps back. You can’t succeed with this lack of belief and faith, and sadly their progress is predictable and unimpressive.

Luckily, when your work matters and you are doing what you are meant to be doing – then it is about something way bigger than you. This is your universal and divine permission to BELIEVE, and to take FEARLESS, COURAGEOUS ACTION.

I leave you with a few more words of inspiration from Oprah’s show: “Fear is trusting in your own power. Instead, trust in the universal and the Divine. When you are doing what you are meant to do, all you need to do is get out of your own way”.

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