How to Brand Yourself or Your Business Online

By Lori Dubois, Owner Dubois Information and CWCC Member

So, you’ve decided to play online. Take a dive into the waters of social media. Start a blog. Connect with your audience on Facebook. Congratulations! I’m assuming you have spent some time (at least 15 minutes) thinking about your strategy (but that’s another blog post).

It is important to remember to stay true to your brand when delving into online marketing. One of the key success factors to branding successfully is consistency. This applies across all marketing channels, online or off. Whether you advertise on radio, billboards, magazines, or use your website, email, or other online vehicles to tell your story, you want people to recognize you. And you should look the same all the time, telling the same story.

Here is a simple checklist to get you started as you create online profiles to ensure you are carrying your brand into the online world:

  • Use your logo
  • Use the same color palette
  • Repeat the same message
  • Talk to the same people as you would offline
  • Communicate your value in the same way

In other words, your online presence is simply an extension of the offline you- the “real” you. It sounds basic, so why would you need to hear this advice? Because it’s amazing how often we get excited by something shiny and new and get tempted to recreate ourselves. If your brand communicates a conservative, high-end service provider that uses dark green and burgundy tones and formal language, why would your Facebook page be neon green and orange with crazy graphics and casual jargon just because you can? It does happen.

Crafting a purposeful online presence is a great idea. Do it with strategy and care and stay true to your brand!

To learn more about branding, personal and business, check out Lori Dubois and Emilie Downs’ upcoming educational seminar, Branding Uncensored on April 13, 2012 at the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Lori Dubois owns Dubois Information, a marketing communications company helping small to medium sized businesses define their target market, develop their marketing message, and determine the best methods for communicating their message. Dubois Information works with business owners to communicate better with their clients and prospects through email marketing, newsletters, surveys, web content, and social media strategies.

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