How Your Mission Statement Guides Your Marketing

By Lori Dubois, owner of Dubois Information and CWCC Member

What do you think of when you think of a mission statement? A framed document hanging on the wall to inspire the workers? A required component of a business plan so the bank can approve funding? A well-crafted and well-used mission statement offers much more. It provides both grounding and direction. It also serves as a tool to unite every functional area of your business.

There are many different approaches to creating a mission statement. A mission statement is essentially a statement of purpose –  why does this business exist? Combined with purpose and usually an explanation of what the business offers, to whom, how they deliver their product or service, and a vision for the future.

What does this have to do with marketing?

Having a mission statement helps all stakeholders be on the same page in understanding what they are doing and where they are going. If you view your mission statement as the master barometer of your business, it will guide your decisions in all areas: including marketing.

If you think about it, a mission statement contains the essence of your brand- your core values, what it is you do, and the vision of your customer experience. Use it when doing strategic marketing planning. Your mission statement helps define who you need to be talking to, what your message should be, and the best way to interact with customers and prospects. Working through these activities helps establish your marketing budget and calendar of activities.

Your mission statement also helps you make better decisions on a daily basis. When a salesperson shows up with a fantastic offer for a promotional video, wanting to redesign your website, or any other advertising or marketing opportunity, wouldn’t it be great if you could do a quick reality check to see if it makes sense for your company? Your mission statement provides that reality check. If any activity or idea is aligned with your purpose, your target market, and your vision, that provides a green light in looking into the opportunity further. If, however, it is clearly not in sync with your mission, it is a red light and an easy decision to say “I think I’ll pass on this one” with no doubts or regrets.

If you believe marketing is a proactive concept instead of a reactive response, your mission statement is a marketing must. Put it to work!

Lori Dubois is the owner of Dubois Information, a marketing communications firm that helps small to medium sized businesses promote their brand by developing their message, defining their market, and choosing the best methods to tell their story. Dubois Information works with business owners to communicate better with their clients and prospects through email marketing, newsletters, surveys, web content, and branding development. Contact Lori at 303-221-1129 or

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