HealthONE Health & Wellness Corner

Now more than ever, our leaders need trusted resources for the health and well-being of their teams, their loved ones, and themselves.

HealthONE is honored to offer this resource to women leaders. As an employer of 9,296 women of our total 11,486 colleagues in the metro area, we are excited to share that our leaders are also largely women; 75% of the 899 in leadership roles.

U.S. data shows that women are the key healthcare decision-makers in their households: the family “Chief Medical Officer.” Women are the strongest people we know and we are a system built to meet their needs and those of their loved ones.  And, as we enact our mission “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life,” HealthONE is serving patients, families, colleagues, vendors, and community members.

We will use this monthly wellness corner to share the resources of our subject-matter experts, keep you informed with important health data, and pose important questions about what it means to be healthy, as an individual, a team, and a community. Like the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, we are an anchor in Denver and Colorado, and we are pleased to be working in partnership to provide a foundation of good health and wellbeing so that our leaders, companies, government, communities, and families can grow and thrive.

We look forward to hearing from you in the year ahead and hope you’ll check out this HealthONE Health & Wellness corner each month!

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